Minecraft Chess Set


On my birthday the most wonderful thing happened. My sister and brother in-law with their creative forces combined created

my very own….

Minecraft Chess Set!

It came complete with spiders, pigs, sheepy sheeps, chickens, endermen, cows, ghasts, squids, oh my!

On what I presume to be “the good side,” you have chicken pawns, sheep rooks, pig knights, cow bishops, I’m a queen, and my boyfriend is a king.

The bad guy side! Here we have spiders as pawns, creepers as rooks, zombies as knights, skeleton archers as bishops, an enderman king, and a ghastly queen.

That’s right! There are rare pieces of me and my bf.

Here’s me!

My boo!

I was truly spoiled this year!

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  1. U shud contact the guy that made minecraft and see what he thinks about it. Might get u an interview for your underground job 🙂

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  3. Ola! Zenmushroom,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, A while ago i tried to mod my minecraft and did not backup the files. Which meant i screwed minecraft up completely and could not play minecraft.
    So i decided that i would have a break from minecraft roughly 4 weeks and decided to install it again which meant updating my older backups of minecraft but when i updated i found that their was a newer version of mine craft i did not know about cause my world not to be compatible with the latest update.
    Keep up the good work

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